REINTEGRA is a not-for-profit organization, established in 1999 in the town Krnov, in the Czech Republic. It has become a regional market leader in all forms of training and support for the integration and reintegration of unemployed people in the labour market. REINTEGRA is key contributor at a national level in the struggle to address and overcome the high unemployment rates among disadvantaged groups throughout the Czech Republic. Our mission is to help disadvantaged people to once again find employment and to play a full part in everyday life. Our aim is to develop and implement programmes and supports for integration into the labour market; provide educational programmes that motivate learners; and to effectively support the employment and integration of unemployed and disadvantaged people into the labour market. The main services provided by REINTEGRA include career guidance services for adults of all ages; developing and implementing modular labour market integration programs for unemployed persons; organizing educational courses and programmes, including courses that help target group members to start and run their own small business; providing psychological counselling; offering psychological diagnostics regarding career preferences. Organization REINTEGRA regularly participates in national and international projects focused on career guidance, lifelong learning, educational methods, coaching, e-learning, special methods for career counseling, integration programs, etc. REINTEGRA has considerable transnational experience and lead the international thematic network dedicated to career guidance.

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